Part 2 Sophie’s Universe

Deel 2 Sophies Universe klaar,

Deel 2 Sophies Universe klaar2, Blog op
The first part of Sophie’s Universe is finished. It wasn’t difficult at all and it looks great. The ByClaire soft mix yarn is fine for crocheting, I only have to be careful that it’s not splitting. So I was ready to start part 2 of the pattern. I’m still happy with the colors that I’ve chosen and for this part 3 more colors will be introduced.

The colors that I used for this part are:
Toer   9: 031 Olive
Toer 10: 035 Salmon
Toer 11: 005 Vintage Pink
Toer 12: 005 Vintage Pink
Toer 13: 005 Vintage Pink
Toer 14: 002 Ivory
Toer 15: 002 Ivory
De Kleuren deel 2 Sophies Universe, Blog op

Round 9 and 10 from Sophie’s Universe are just like it is written in the book.
Toer 009 Sophies Universe, Blog op
Toer 010 Sophies Universe, Blog op

At round 11 you have a choice, if you want to give the Petals a little bit more debth or not. You’re doing this by crocheting in the back loops. For me this seems nice, so I decided to do so.
Toer 011 Sophies Universe, Blog op

With round 12 I’m using the same color (Vintage Pink), with using that color again I had the possibility to crochet the loose end from the last round at the same time. Hihi one loose end less to get rid of at the end of part 2 ;-).
Toer 012 Sophies Universe, Blog op

Round 13 was a little trouble for me. I tought that in the Dutch translation was written make a fourdouble crochet. But it seems like I had to make 4 double crochets. Luckily I saw on the pictures that it looked completely different than my work, so quickly changed my mistakes. Now it’s oke.
Toer 013 Sophies Universe, Blog op

Also in round 14 I want to use the option to give some depth to my work, so here I also choose to work in the back loops. These are already the last two rounds for part two of Sophie’s Universe. I really like the pattern, it’s becoming an addiction. And with the good explanation and photo’s in the book and the Dutch translation it’s not difficult at all.
Toer 014 Sophies Universe, Blog op

The amount of yarn that I used until now is this:
Part 2 Use of yarn Sophies Universe, Blog on

 love Claudia

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