Cosmic Cal part 1, incl. Colorscheme Cottonandcandles

Cosmic Cal part 1 finishedBlog, Cottonandcandles
A few weeks ago, I started with the first part of the Cosmic Cal 2018, designed by Helen Shrimpton (Crystalsandcrochet). I know, I’m still working on my Sophie’s Universe blanket, but I couldn’t resist to start a new Cal.
I really like working on my Sophie and the Cosmic Cal is the same kind of blanket, The second reason is that I wanted to join a Cal from the beginning, and the Cosmic Cal looks like a great project to do so. Continue reading “Cosmic Cal part 1, incl. Colorscheme Cottonandcandles”

Part 3 Sophie’s Universe

Part 3 Sophies Universe, Blog op
Now the Sophie is still small, so working on it goes fast, but later when she’s bigger it will be different I guess. It’s a big blanket and it will cost a couple of months to make it, so it’s nice to see some results already. This week, part 3 has 10 rounds to do. I work with 5 different colors and I changed the color scheme from Deidre to my own colors. I decide per round which color I will use. Continue reading “Part 3 Sophie’s Universe”

Part 2 Sophie’s Universe

Deel 2 Sophies Universe klaar2, Blog op
The first part of Sophie’s Universe is finished. It wasn’t difficult at all and it looks great. The ByClaire soft mix yarn is fine for crocheting, I only have to be careful that it’s not splitting. So I was ready to start part 2 of the pattern. I’m still happy with the colors that I’ve chosen and for this part 3 more colors will be introduced. Continue reading “Part 2 Sophie’s Universe”

Part 1 Sophies Universe

Deel 1 Sophies Universe klaarIG, Blog op
Now it’s really happening, I started the Sophies Universe part 1. Every week from now on, I will try to finish a part of my Sophie and make a Blogpost about it. In the first post I already showed you the colors that I will use for my Sophie from the Softmix yarn of ByClaire. In the next Blogs I will show you the colors that I use per round. Continue reading “Part 1 Sophies Universe”

New project Sophie’s Universe

Start Sophie's Universe with
For months I have the book from the Cal Sophie’s Universe on my shelves. It’s such a beautiful blanket, I just couldn’t wait to start with it. But first I needed to finish my Study and I was still knitting on a few other projects. Study is finished now and the other projects are far finished, so started thinking about the materials that I wanted to use. Continue reading “New project Sophie’s Universe”

Blog for the webshop

Cottonandcandles making jewelry first photo

These days a lot of sites have a Blog next to their Social Media. I doubted for a long time if I would make a one for the webshop Okariconceptstore , because next to the webshop, I also have a Blog about Interior ( and also a Blog about lifestyle with things like traveling, food, cocktails and other nice things ( But to share hobby news and to show you some projects that I made with products from the webshop it would be fun to have a Blog. So this week I decided to make a new Blog for Continue reading “Blog for the webshop”