Design of a projectbag for Yarn and Colors

Projectbag designed for yarn and Colors by Claudia Aaldijk

Finally I can show you the design that I made for Yarn and Colors. I designed this projectbag for the lookbook of June. It’s my first design for a yarn brand and I am really really proud of it!

Projectbag designed for yarn and Colors by Claudia Aaldijk

Somewhere in Februari Yarn and Colors asked me if I was up to designing a project for one of their lookbooks. Of course I liked the idea a lot. But I still need to think about it a little bit. It would take a lot of time and with all the things I was al ready busy with like work, rebuilding our house and office, the new garden, my webshop and all the other things in life, it’s always difficult to find extra time. And I was wondering if this designing was something I could really do, I mean it’s really something different to write down a blogpost with something that I made or make a pattern that will be actually sold by another company. But it also would give me some great possibilities. I wanted to publish my designs for a long time, like for example on Ravelry, and by making a design for Y&C, I could see how the process of designing a complete pattern, writing it down and having it tested by a pattern tester, would be. And of course there would be other people at Y&C that will check my design if it’s good enough. So after a good night sleep I decided to go for this great adventure.

The lookbook had a theme, a Granny square which I had to incorporate in a project. For those of you who have never heard of a Granny Square, this is a little crocheted square, mostly with different colors and or different motifs. Usually you make a lot of squares and you combine those squares into something bigger like a blanket, a shawl, or like in my case a projectbag. So I first designed the Granny Square. After the square was finished I started making the projectbag. Y&C selected some yarns for the lookbook of which I have chosen the Baby Fabulous. This is a very soft yarn made of Cotton & Acrylic. You can crochet or knit this yarn with 4.0 – 5.0 mm needles and there are quite a few colors to choose from. For the pattern I have chosen two color combinations, one with a cream color as the main color and the other one with a brown color as the main color. I first crocheted the cream colored version and after that Victoria te Kloese tested the brown version. I want to thank Victoria a lot for her work and all the suggestions and notes. They helped me a lot to make the pattern completely like I had in mind.

Dit you became enthousiastic to crochet the projectbag or do you want some more information, then you can find the pattern here on the site of Yarn and Colors . Next to the pattern, they also sell both of the color combinations as a kit, so you can have all the needed yarn at once. I hope you have as much fun with making the projectbag. Please tag met with #okariconcepts or/and with #cottonandcandles in your photos on Instagram, so I can see your lovely bags.

Projectbag designed for yarn and Colors by Claudia Aaldijk

Greetz Claudia

Photocredits: Yarn and Colors

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