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These days a lot of sites have a Blog next to their Social Media. I doubted for a long time if I would make a one for the webshop Okariconceptstore , because next to the webshop, I also have a Blog about Interior ( and also a Blog about lifestyle with things like traveling, food, cocktails and other nice things ( But to share hobby news and to show you some projects that I made with products from the webshop it would be fun to have a Blog. So this week I decided to make a new Blog for

Our history

Okariconceptstore started around 10 years ago with selling beads and jewelry, but the webshop was first called Goodlivesbeads. The last couple of years I wanted to sell other products like wool for knitting and crochet, sewing materials and stuff to make your own bag too. The old name with beads in it didn’t cover the shop anymore. Next to that took me a lot of time to keep the site up-to-date, and I didn’t have the skills to add new things like Ideal (Dutch paying possibility).
Last year I finally did it, I made a new shop at Mijnwebwinkel and changed the name from Goodlivesbeads into Cottonandcandles, which wil finally change into Okariconcepts.
From that moment I started to add also other materials to the shop like wool, sewing materials and other hobby stuff. I will go on with that and here on the Blog I will share the new products. I will also start with some projects and the first one will be a crocheted blanket called Sophie’s Universe. In my next Blog I will tell you more about that blanket.

 love Claudia

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